Terre del Buontalenti was created to combine the efforts and ingenuity of small Tuscan producers with the experience and knowledge of Alberto Antonini. An ambitious project that starts from the land and traditions, to give shape to genuine, natural wines, capable of transmitting all the potential of Tuscan viticulture.






Buontalenti as “house” of talent,
a mosaic of squares, lands, masterfully composed.
The appeal with Italian excellence is strong: the house, the mosaic, the style.

alberto antonini
Graduating from the University of Florence in Agricultural Science in 1985, Alberto’s dissertation researched on Tuscan grape varieties in danger of extinction a path on which he continued to travel across the world of wine. A visionary with more than 25 years’ experience in the key wine producing countries, Alberto is the driver behind the Terre del Buontalenti project. Alberto believes quality is inherent in nature and his role is simply to preserve it in his wines.
In Terre del Buontalenti are implemented all the teachings of the good farmers of the past.
integrating the positive elements of the contemporary, banning the invasiveness of synthetic chemistry, responsible for the loss of flavors and the ever decreasing longevity of the vineyards.
Sustainable viticulture is a fundamental part of our production philosophy: minimising the impact on the vineyard by using cultivation practices adapted to maintain the integrity and fertility of the soil, stimulating the vines’ natural defences and boosting the natural characteristics of the vineyard. Minimal intervention also characterises our approach in the cellar where we focus on quality and avoid invasive techniques. The result is authentic organic wines, with a genuine sense of place and vintage specific features. At the heart of the project is a team of people, led by Alberto Antonini, whose own individual characters and unique approaches are celebrated.