“Brunero, Settimo and Franco are the vineyard artisans who made me fall in love with my job. I started this project with them and many other farmers to combine their wisdom and my knowledge, with the aim of producing pure wines from traditional farming. It’s name is Terre del Buontalenti.”

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The vineyards of Terre del Buontalenti are located in Tuscany. Limestone rocks, schists, granites and sandstones, the decomposition of which generates the finest minerals, all present in this region. These are precious nutrients, which are absorbed by plants and become responsible for the personality of the wine. Transferred to the grapes, they generate the characteristics that we seek: juiciness, energy, vitality and texture of tannins.



A Tuscan reality that connects many small grapes growers with the expertise of an expert guidance, Alberto Antonini. This professional symbiosis was born with a precise intent: the conscious return to tradition, in the vineyard and in the cellar, to bring into the world pure, brilliant wines, recognizable for freshness and quality.


Restoring tradition and safeguarding of the ‘soil-plant-climate’ balance are the core values of the project and its development. Respect for the natural balance in the vineyard, the protection of the land, the orientation to biological already present in ancient knowledge, are an authentic heritage, to be valued with confidence.